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Since my wife has helped me build this website, she thinks people want to know a little bit about me. While i usually agree with everything she says (she's reading this), I was hoping not to have to talk much about myself. But if she thinks people are interested, here goes: I began in the mortgage industry with HFC, Household Finance. They are out of business now, but you may remember their 23% loans and small offices in strip malls. I was just beginning, and it was a great place to learn. With rates as low as they are now, it is hard to fathom someone agreeing to pay 23%, but believe me, I was top producer month after month and just about had a line out the door of willing victims.

From there, I became a Manager and later left the company to take a job in Indianapolis for Bank One with my wife and daughter. I realized not only was Banking not for me (where I learned about the massive amount of regulations imposed on the industry), but sadly, Indianapolis was no place to relocate native Californians. We are used to simple things like EARTHQUAKES, but Tornadoes, com'on - that is torture! I relocated my wife and now 2 children back to Orange County California where I worked for an Orange County Mortgage company for about 1 year. Realizing the business is second nature to me, I picked up and moved back to San Diego county where I began my own company. By 2003, my wife and I were raising 4 amazing children and were enjoying all the different stages of parenthood. Our company swelled to over 150 employees in 4 offices within 5 years, but an unscrupulous partner brought most of our dreams crashing down. I continue to work in the Loan Industry and run loans through most major banks and brokers. Ok, so that's the skinny, but there is much more to me that the business side. I enjoy fishing, hunting, boating, relaxing with a cold beer, oh, did i mention - fishing. For my 40th birthday, my Dad took my brother and I on a Fishing Trip to Alaska. There are no words to describe the exhilaration of being in such wilderness nor the excitement of catching so much fish - which fed our family of 6 and many friends for over 1 year!

Growing up, my father was in the Navy and I had the opportunity to live everywhere including Italy. I have some wonderful memories of Rome and Naples and am blessed to still be friends with many of my high school classmates. Last year, again with the help of my wife, we started a campaign called "One Salute"; basically, a way to teach kids how to recognize and honor our men and women in a uniform.

We created a website called www.TheOneSalute.com. There you'll find the bookmark we have created with a short text which kids can read to someone they see in uniform and want to thank them. Our kids have been doing this and have gotten quite good at it. We hope to have a video section on the site soon when you can send in your videos of your children doing the same.

I invite you to check it out and order some "One Salute" bookmarks.

Pictures above:
1) My sons Matthew and Lukas when they were about 2 & 3 yrs. old. (my superheroes),

2) Me with Duncan Hunter on a skeet shooting ranch in San Diego County (thanks to a good buddy of mine, Tim Shepard)

3) my four wonderful children: JB, Lukas, Terese and Matthew

4)Thanksgiving 2009 at my parents home in Poway - deep frying a turkey (mm..mm..good)

5)my wife Dalita (on left) with her cousin's wife Juste - they started a proverb greeting card and gift company a few years ago called JUST MILLIN' AROUND

6)And me and my godson, Kaden - i love his belly-laugh!