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OK, OK, I FINALLY DID IT! WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE! For years, my clients have been saying, you’ve done great things for us, you’ve always gotten us the best deal, but how do people find you – you don’t have a website? My response has always been – I don’t need one, I have so much business already…

And while that is still the case, I was tired of being told, I am not in business because i did not have a website. Never mind that 99.99% of websites are just “store fronts” and never generate any business at all (ask my wife about that, she is the internet marketing guru…), but nonetheless, i broke down, and here I am.

If you are anything like me, you just “want the facts, ma’am” and that is what you will get here.

I don’t want to make everything a sales pitch, so for the most part, I will be posting relevant Real Estate and Mortgage News and Information for you – and an occasional – “call me today” thing, ok?

I do encourage you to sign up for my weekly eNewsletter: Did You Know? It will surely be the thing to read each week with controversial stuff and generally information others REALLY don’t want you to know.

Welcome aboard and let others know, Eric Lovett finally has a website!

Aug 15, 2010

MLS Real Estate Listings from the Best Real Estate Agents in So. Cal

Look no further for MLS Real Estate Listings from the BEST Real Estate Agents in So. Cal.

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